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    NWT2000 Features

    • Fenders with hose hooks.
    • Push block with storage.
    • Dished and Flanged heads for durability.


    The NWT2000 is our most popular water truck. It is registered at 25,900 pounds and does not require driver to have a CDL. It is equipped with (4) pneumatic spray heads (2) front and (2) rear, and (1) high pressure driver side spray head. Cab controls, (3) valves, Berkley B3ZRM shaft driven centrifugal pump.

    General Specifications:

    • 3/16” carbon steel tank
    • All steel plumbing
    • Dished and Flanged Heads
    • 100% Welded Baffles
    • Hi-density polyurethane mounting pads
    • Spring mounted tank for stability
    • Rear mounted ladder, 24” man-way.
    • 2.5” hydrant fill pipe mounted on rear tank head
    • Fenders with hose hooks
    • Push block with storage
    • PTO and driveline to pump


    • Elkhart Brass remote operated Water Cannon, cab controlled
    • Suction Plumbing / Canal Fill
    • Tank Mounted Hose Reel w/ 50ft. 1.5” hose
    • Passenger side high pressure spray nozzle
    • Rear Mounted Ladder
    • Rust inhibiting epoxy liner
    NWT2000 Cutsheet

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