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NWT5000 Articulated Water Truck

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    NWT5000 Articulated Water Truck Features

    • 1,200 G.P.M. 4in by 4in.
    • 100% Welded inside and outside
    • 5,000 Gallon Tank
    • Drive:

      6 wheel drive


    Articulated Water Trucks:

    • Niece Articulated Water Tanks are available in three basic sizes:
    • NWT5000 -5,000 gallons on any 25 ton articulated truck.
    • NWT6000 -6,000 gallons on any 30 ton articulated truck.
    • NWT8000 -8,000 gallons on any 40 ton articulated truck.Additional 1,000 gallons can be added to tank size if using the Long Wheel Base models offered by the manufacturer.
    • 5,000 gallon tanks will be equipped with 4″ X 4″.
    • Tank Kits are also available for dealer installation.
    • General Specifications: NWT5000
      • Modified trapezoidal, multi radius, semi-elliptical, low profile design.
      • Low center of gravity.
      • Interlocked bulkheads and baffles.
      • S.R.S. Surge reversal interlocked baffles.
      • C.S.E. (Close Space Entry) removable access cover, bottom rear location.
      • A.V.S. accelerator vent system. (Flood loading with no back flush.)
      • Front and rear drive tire mud flaps.
      • Fenders.
      • Rock ejector bracket rear drive tires.
      • 36” (91.44cm) fill portal, back flush baffling, trash screen.
      • 3” 9 (7.62cm) ground fill at rear of tank.
      • Front bulkhead mounted ladder.
      • Chassis hoist cylinder mounting group.
      • Customer furnished hoist cylinder, pins, body pins and cushions.
      • Tank interior cleaned and coated with marine grade epoxy.
      • Tank exterior commercial grade blasted, primed and top coated in hardener based paint.
      • Internal steel corrosion protected hydraulic lines for cooling.
      • Spray System electric / hydraulic control panel provided for install in operator’s compartment.
      • Low water warning light on driver’s panel.
      • Lights: Sealed 24 volt LED stop and tail, weather proof and loom guarded.

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