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    NWT4000 Features

    • Dished and Flanged Heads
    • All Steel Plumbing
    • 100% Welded Baffles


    The NWT4000 on-highway water distribution system is very popular in Highway and Sub Division applications. With more water the return to the fill site saves money. It partners very well with the Niece Portable Tower, NPT12000. It can reload in three to four minutes and spend more time moisturizing soil.

    General Specifications:

    • A 36 3/16” Carbon Steel
    • All steel plumbing
    • Dished and Flanged Heads
    • 100% Welded Baffles (2) cross and (1) Longitudinal.
    • Hi density polyurethane mounting pads.
    • Spring Mounted Tank.
    • Rear Mounted Ladder.
    • 2.5” hydrant fill pipe mounted on rear tank head.
    • Fenders with hose hooks.
    • Independently controlled Spray heads-(2) front, (2) rear, (1) high pressure driver’s side.
    • Push block with storage.


    • Elkhart Brass Water Cannon
    • Suction Plumbing / Canal Fill
    • Tank Mounted Hose Reel w/ 50ft. 1.5” hose.
    • Passenger side high pressure spray head.
    • Epoxy liner options.
    • Beacons: To your Specification.


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