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Niece Equipment offers a large rental fleet of late model products. Rental Fleet units are built to the same specifications as retail models.

I) Establishing an account.

  • Credit applications are located on our website at Complete it and return it to, you will get a response.

II) Insurance Required for the value of the product.

III) Availability of machinery.

  • Models we rent:

Water Trucks: On Highway

  • NWT2000 (2,000 gallon) NWT4000 (4,000 gallon) NPT12000 (12,000 gallon water tower)

Articulated Trucks: Off Highway

  • NWT5000 (5,000 gallon) NWT6000 (6,000 gallon) NWT8000 (8,000 gallon)

Fuel and Lube Trucks: On Highway

  • NFL1000 (1000 gallon diesel fuel tank) NFL2000 (2000 gallon diesel fuel tank)

Fuel Trucks: On Highway

  • NFT2000 (2,000 gallon diesel fuel truck) NFT4000 (4,000 gallon diesel fuel truck)

Articulated Water Tankers: Off Highway

  • NWT5000 (5,000 gallon mounted on articulated truck.)
  • NWT6000 (6,000 gallon mounted on articulated truck.)
  • NWT8000 (8,000 gallon mounted on articulated truck.)