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The NFL10000 is designed to be mounted on any 100 ton Rigid Frame Mining Truck. With 10,000 gallons of diesel, (5) oil product tanks -total of almost 3,000 gallons of oil, Safety handrails on all catwalks, and much more, it will service the largest machines in the most demanding environments.

Fuel Tank: Tank 1
(1) 10,000 gallons diesel. (37,855 L)
Low profile, modified trapezoidal, flat sided dual radius.
Hoist raise design.
Steel- 1.25″ (6mm) minimum A36 steel.
20″ Man way system.
3″ bottom emergency valve.
Fast Fill Pressure-less with auto venting and auto shutoff.
Hydraulic driven Blackmer TXD2.5″ or equal pump.
(1) 1.5″ hydraulic or electric retract with Fast Fill nozzle with auto shutoff.
(1) 1″ hydraulic or electric retract with automatic shutoff.
(2) Total Control or equal fuel meters.
Donaldson fuel filters.


Product Tanks (5) Total: Tanks 2-6
(1) 800 gallon oil product tank. (3,028 L)
(4) 500 gallon oil product tanks. (1,892 L each)
Product tanks equipped with Casappa pumps, Graco metering nozzles, meters, (4) micron breathers.
All product tanks are top and bottom fill with top venting.
Tank 7: Waste oil tank- 1,000 gallons. (3,785 L)
Tank 8: Anti-freeze tank-300 gallons, (1,135 L) Graco 1:1 pump, Hannay 1″ X 50′ dispensing reel.
Tank 9: Water tank -300 gallons, (1,135 L) Graco 1:1 pump, Hannay 1″ X 50′ dispensing reel.
Tanks 1-9 have a central product tank fill station.
Tank 10: Grease Tank 1,000 gallons (3,785 L)
Grease Tank equipped with Graco Dynastar high pressure and Graco Viscount high volume pumps.
(1) 3/8″ X 50′ Hannay reel. (1) 1/2″ X 50′ Hannay reel.

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