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Tank Kit NWT2000

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The NWT2000 is our most popular water truck. It is registered at 25,900 pounds and does not require driver to have a CDL.

The NWT2000 can be ordered as:
Bare Tank Equipped with: Ladder, Fill Pipe, Fenders with Hooks, Man-way, Weld-on Isolators, Light Pockets, Prep and Primer.
Tank Kit Includes all the above plus: 3″ Plumbing, Vortex Cover, Complete Front and Rear Spray Bars, Berkeley 3×4 Pump CW or CCW, Drop Pipe and Dresser Coupler, Clippard Coupler, Clippard Control Tower, Manifold, All Mounting Brackets, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Springs.
Tank Kit Installed on your Chassis Includes all the above plus: DOT Lighting, PTO with Driveline to Pump, In-Cab Control Tower, Rear Push Block with Storage, ICC Bumper, Prep, Primer, Paint- White.

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