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Niece 8,000 gallon water tanks are installed on 40 ton Articulated Off Highway chassis. This combination is the workhorse of the dust control needs for quarries and large construction sites. With a 6″ X 5″ close coupled pump, it provides the volume and equal coverage for large areas of dust control. Also, can be equipped with dust inhibitor package for more effective control.

Modified trapezoidal, multi-radius, semi-eltdptical, low profile design.
Interlocked bulkheads and baffles.
A.V.S. accelerator venting system (flood loading with no back flush.)
Front and rear drive tire mud flaps.
Rock ejector brackets above rear drive tires.
Fill Port- 36″ top with back flush and trash screen. 3″ ground fill at rear of tank.
Mounting and Installation-Chassis hoist cytdnder mounting group.
Interior of tank cleaned and coated with marine grade epoxy.
tdghting- Sealed 24V weather proof with loom guarding group.
Drains- Low water drain system group with ground level access at rear of tank. Rear 2″ drain.

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