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Tank Kit NWT4000

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The NWT4000 on-highway water distribution system is very popular in Highway and Sub Division applications. With more water the return to the fill site saves money.

The NWT4000 can be ordered as:
Bare Tank Equipped with: Ladder, Fill Pipe, Fenders with Hooks, Man-way, Weld-on Isolators, Light Pockets, Prep and Prime
Tank Kit Includes all the above plus: 3″ Plumbing, Vortex Cover, Complete FrontĀ and Rear Spray Bars, 3×4 Pump-CW or CCW, Drop Pipe, Clippard Switches, All Mounting Brackets, Manifold, Push Block.
Tank Kit Installed on your Chassis Includes: DOT Lighting, PTO and Driveline to Pump, IN-Cab Control Tower, ICC Bumper, Prep, Primer, Paint-White.

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